Ways to relieve stress during pregnancy

Posted on September 10, 2015 By

Stress during pregnancy can put your health as well as the health of the child in danger. There are so many outcomes of stress. You can’t stop stress in this hectic life but you can surely control it. Here are some ways to reduce the level of your anxiety and increase the chances of a healthier pregnancy:

1) Exercise: If you exercise everyday for at least 30 minutes then you will be able to reduce your stress to a large extent. You could try jogging or walking in the park but before you start any exercises, it is recommended to consult an expert. Dr Gilbert Webb can tell you a few workout exercises that you could try to relieve stress.

2) Massage:The excess stress during pregnancy can cause problems in the back and shoulders. To lessen the stress and tension in the muscles, you could go for a massage. Your mind and body will feel relaxed by massage.

3) Yoga: Deep breathing yoga exercises can help to decrease the level of anxiety. You could join Lamaze classes if possible. With deep breathing, you oxygen circulation will improve and your body will stay calm. You must remember that stress can lead to premature birth which is not good for the child so try to stay away from stress and anxiety as much as possible.

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