Uses Of Optical Microscopes

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The optic microscope uses visible light together with a set of lenses which help to magnify small specimens that are put on them. Today this specific microscope is actually the oldest, in addition to being the easiest to use, of all microscopes which are available.

Today you will discover that there are two types of optical microscope available for people to use. The more basic version of the sort of microscope has just 1 lens while a more advance version known as a compound optic microscope comes with several lenses.



The simple optic microscope uses only 1 lens which offers the necessary magnification to view a specimen and would be considered to be the forerunner of all microscopes that are used now. Currently, very few microscopes are actually made using a single convex lens, instead you are more likely to come across these in either magnifying glasses, hand lenses or a loupe. To find out facts about advanced-microscopy, you can head to

Where as the simple optic microscope uses just 1 lens the compound optic microscope differs greatly as it utilizes several lenses to be able to produce the necessary magnification so that a specimen can be viewed in more detail. However, the majority of these simpler kinds of microscopes will have one glass lens at the end where the specimen is placed and a further glass lens in the eye piece or ocular.

However, the newer versions, which are even more complex, will have multiple lens elements at the ends of the tube through which viewing of the specimen is made. Plus, rather than them having a mirror to be able to reflect the light on the specimen, today most modern optic microscopes will have a lamp unit rather as these are much more stable and a simple to control form of illumination.

Eye bit or Ocular. The ocular (eye piece) is to be found on top of the body of the tube in which the user really places their own eyes in order to view the specimen that they’re investigating or viewing. Typically you will find that with a modern optic microscope this particular part of it will contain two or more lenses in order to offer the viewer with the best possible picture of the specimen.

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