Joe Cortez needed to isolate Conor McGregor and Paulie Malignaggi amid a sparring session

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The 73-year-old was acquired to show UFC star McGregor the guidelines of boxing in front of his superfight with Floyd Mayweather. 

Be that as it may, he wound up acting peacemaker as the Irishman and Malignaggi got warmed in the ring. 

Cortez said the two warriors began of shooting verbal shots at each other — letting the session alone for control. 

He disclosed to RUSH 93: "It was the genuine article, I needed to stop the activity, say 'you all are somewhat crazy here, you must stop this.' You know, they got somewhat unpleasant. 

"They were both roughing each other up and I needed to stop the activity like it was a customary battle. 

"They were holding excessively — they were endeavoring to punch each other. 

"So I needed to call 'time, okay folks you must stop this correct now, I won't a decent, perfect, solid — give me a sportsman like direct you get it? 

McGregor got out Malignaggi after the American's guaranteed the MMA warrior was being impolite to the game of boxing by needing to battle Mayweather. 

He stated: "Definitely, look, Paulie gabbed of crap. 

"Look he's been gotten to fight and afterward he'll reply to what he's been stating and after that we'll go from that point after that. 

"Be that as it may, we're going to have a thump in the rec center. 

"That is to say, look, we're going have a thump and he's going to need to reply to what he's been stating. 


Eddie Hearn has uncovered Floyd Mayweather needs his battle with Conor McGregor to cost £100 on pay-per-see in the UK — yet Sky need to charge £19.95. 

With around just a month to the cross-sports battle, fans are still without an official declaration on how much the uber cash battle will cost on TV … and what channel it will even be on. 

As indicated by the Los Angeles Times correspondent Lance Pugmire, the compensation per-see uber battle will set you back $89.99 in standard definition and $99.99 in top notch. 

The $99.99 sticker price coordinates the record for the most noteworthy estimated PPV for a battle sports coordinate from when Floyd Mayweather Jr went up against Manny Pacquiao in 2015. 

Eddie Hearn amid a meeting with GQ says the Mayweather-McGregor might want the PPV to cost £100 in the UK. 

That would be a record for PPV with the normal being practically £15. 

Hearn told GQ: "Mayweather needs the cost to be £100." 

In any case, Hearn doesn't trust the cost will be over the ordinary cost for a PPV. 

"The cost will be inside an indistinguishable domains from it generally has. I don't set the cost, however my premonition is £19.95. 

"In the event that it went to £24.95 … I can't see it, it wouldn't be my choice. Sky won't have any desire to go past £19.95. That is their value point."

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