Components of a boxing class

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Nowadays, there is a great boom of boxing. A large number of people are joining the boxing Melbourne classes to get familiar with the techniques involved in it. It is also said that boxing is a physical activity which alerts the stress response by triggering the brain to ask the individual cells to act accordingly.

Here is the sequence of things done at a boxing class:

Warm up

This is the done at the beginning of the class for almost 5-10 minutes to warm the muscles and tendons. This segment is basically done to prepare your muscles for the more strenuous portion.


The several boxing moves done during the warmup are designed to alert your body for boxing. This is usually done to increase your heartbeat. This segment almost lasts for 10 minutes.


At each session several new boxing techniques are introduced. In the beginning, the techniques are very simple like punches and jabs. Each specific training lasts for almost 5 minutes.

Cool down

This is done at the end of the class to slower down your heart rate which usually increases while the stretching exercises. This will help you avoid the joint stiffness which can occur after the class.

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Above are some of the components which everyone should expect while joining a boxing class.  

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